Complexion Therapy with Aspasia

Lay back and relax. All complexion therapy treatments begin with a consultation to determine the type and condition of your skin. Each service is custom tailored to meet the needs of your skin at that time. Your complexion therapy treatment will include deep cleansing with an acupressure massage, steam and extractions if necessary. Re-energize, lift and firm the skin with a facial muscle massage. Release the tension from your hand and arm massage. No treatment would be complete without going home with appropriate care to optimize the health of your skin.

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Complexion Therapy Services

All prices include HST.

Skin Diagnosis (30 mins)

Ask questions about your skin’s past, present and/or future is extremely valuable in providing the best skincare (& lifestyle) regime possible. Aspasia uses conventional skin analysis to determine your skin type and skin condition along with Oriental skin profiling along with her many years of hands on experiences as well as her own personal holistic approach to healthy skin. We will also discuss how lifestyle, emotions, age, nutrition, hormones and physical activity may effect your skins’ health.

We will work together and come up with a comprehensive yet simple solution, either home care and/or treatments that will take into account the mind, body and soul resulting in radiant beautiful skin and an overall wellness.

Investment into radiant skin $30 ($15 redeemable in product or service)

Aspasia’s Holistic Facial Experience (90 mins)

This is Aspasia’s MOST POPULAR treatment. Lie back, relax and enjoy this Holistic Experience.

Aspasia will custom tailor this treatment to meet the needs of your skin on the day of your visit, along with adding additional emotional & physical support through breath work, essential oils, and crystal therapy.

Here’s what your skin can look forward to experiencing… Your facial will include skin analysis, cleansing, deep cleansing (2 exfoliation steps) steam (if necessary) and/or Eminence Stimulant while you relax and enjoy an acupressure massage performed with crystals to relax your mind, body and spirit. Gentle, yet thorough extractions will be done if necessary.

Re-energize, lift and firm the skin with a customized Hungarian facial muscle massage of the face, neck, decollate and scalp. While your skin enjoys the nourishment of your customized mask treatment, you will experience a hand and arm massage and release tension to those areas.

Investment into your Holistic experience $150 including tax

Aspasia's Facial Holistic Experience is a luxury spa facial service offered at Aspasia's Studio in Campbellville close to Milton, ON

Eminence Organic Skin Care

Seasonal Treatment (60 mins)

Featured Facial. This will change with the seasons, new product launches, new massage techniques or special guests etc;

Investment in self $110 and up (depending on products chosen)

Eminence Organic Customized Facial (60 mins)

We take the guessing game out of which facial you should book. This Facial is customized to your skin. No two facials are alike. Just like you!

In this treatment we will discover your personal skins’ needs along with any skin health goals to customize this treatment accordingly. Your skin will experience skin cleansing, pore refining along with products to stimulant that will boost and exercise the skin. Enjoy Eminence’s Signature Hungarian Massage, skin boosting products along with your Customized Mixology mask to complete your facial.

Investment into your healthy skin $120 including tax

MINI-Me Facial 9-11yrs (30 mins)

This treatment is especially designed for our MINI-me’s (9-11yrs). This is a facial experience to show our little ones how important it is to take time for our own self-care. This treatment will include cleansing, exfoliation, massage & mask along with finishing products. We will also have a conversation about how important it is to take care of our skin daily along with dedicating time for self-care.

Investment $45

Teen Facial 12-18yrs (45 mins)

Teen facial is designed for your delicate and fussy skin (12-18yrs). This is a facial experience to guide our teens to feel empowered and educated about how to take care of their own skin. During our time together we will chat about skin health, emotional health, nutrition and how all of this can impact our skin.

Cleanse, exfoliate, steam and extractions (if necessary), calming mask treatment along with a shoulder and hand massage.

Go home with TOOLS to help you take care of the skin you have.

Investment in Healthy skin $65

Add-on menu items

Ultra Lift Eye Treatment (15 mins)

Target dark circles, puffiness, lack of hydration and wrinkles. Includes lymph drainage massage using Eminence Organics Age Defense Ultra products.

Investment in self $25

Citrus Lip Treatment (15 mins)

Exfoliating, plumping and rich in Shea Butter to heal and repair any moisture damage or loss.

Investment in self $25

Apricot Hair and Scalp treatment (15 mins)

Through the combination of Apricot oil and Therapeutic essential oils your hair and scalp will feel rehydrated, nourished and balanced. This treatment includes additional scalp massage…BLISS

Investment in self $25

Exfoliating Back Treatment (15 mins)

Our skin is our largest organ and we need to take the time to treat it with care. Our back is one of the hardest places to see and or reach. Let me help out!!!!

This add-on treatment is amazing anytime. Your skin will be thoroughly exfoliated, following with a nourishing back, neck and shoulder massage.

Investment in self $25

Hello Beautiful

Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatherapy Services using doTERRA Essential Oils are offered at Aspasia's Studio in Cambellville, close to Milton, ON

Back, Neck and Shoulder Treatment (30 mins)

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage is such a wonderful way to reduce muscle tension, treat emotional wellbeing and give you an all around relaxing experience.

This treatment will focus primarily on the back, neck and shoulders.

Investment in self $40

Full Body Treatment (60 mins)

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage is such a wonderful way to reduce muscle tension, treat emotional wellbeing and give you an all around relaxing experience.

This treatment will focus on the front and back of the body. Legs, arms, back, neck & shoulders along with face and scalp are included. Amazing for full body relaxation.

Investment in self $70

Indian Head Massage (40 mins)

Improve the health of your hair and scalp while lifting the lines in the forehead with this invigorating yet relaxing scalp massage. This treatment is amazing for anyone who suffers from neck and scalp tension.

Investment in self $45

Did you know that the average woman comes into contact with 6,000 chemical before she leaves the house in the morning????

Skin For Life is a CLEAN skincare line.

It is very important to me to choose products that are free of fragrance, colour and preservatives. Skin For Life is produced in a certified Organic lab and has the technology to increase the performance and results on the skin. The most common skin concerns of our skin are Acne, Dehydration and Pigment discoloration; Skin For Life has the products to help with all these skin conditions.


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